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37 Dorm Room Decor Ideas To Instantly Upgrade the Vibes in Your New Space

College dorm checklists can be overwhelming, but SPY is here to make the big move a little less nerve-wracking. There are a ton of dorm room decor essentials that every student needs, from organizational hacks to charming and functional decor. Living in a small space and knowing how to make the most of it can be tough — especially if you have a roommate.

If you haven’t lived in a residence hall before, talk to a current student about what to pack, what the room setup might look like and what items might potentially be banned, like microwaves and fridges of certain dimensions. Once you understand the general setup, you can find dorm room decor ideas that will make you feel right at home.

If you have too much on your plate to tackle DIY dorm design right away, create some ambiance with these hacks instead. It’s never too early to plan ahead on your dorm room decor shopping list. Create a relaxing vibe in your tiny abode with this list of carefully curated goodies that will turn a basic dorm room into a dream apartment. 

And if you’re in back-to-school shopping mode, then we’ve got tons of great shopping guides for college students who want to create the ultimate stylish dorm room. After shopping our dorm room decor hacks, round out your shopping with these popular items: