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Do You Love Puzzles? These Are the Hardest Puzzles We’ve Ever Tried

Do you know who got really, really into puzzles during the pandemic? The SPY team.

If there’s one thing we’ll never forget about 2020 (well, aside from the pandemic itself), it’s that 2020 was the year of at-home hobbies and activities. Some of us went the fitness route and purchased new spin bikesmassage guns and dumbbells, while others flexed their green thumbs and decked out their apartments with plant friends. Some of us worked our way through our reading lists, and others parked our cabooses on the couch and worked through puzzles. So. Many. Puzzles.

So many puzzles, in fact, that we’ve started seeking out the hardest puzzles just to challenge ourselves.

Puzzles are an incredible way to spend time because many of them are beautiful to look at, they’re stimulating for the brain and they can be done solo or with a group. They’re colorful, easy to set up and the process for putting them together is the same every time. However, not all puzzles are created equal. Far from it — some puzzles are made for adults, some are a leisurely 100 pieces, and others are perfect for a family on vacation looking to bond over a cup of coffee or some good tunes.

Then there are the more difficult puzzles. You know, the ones that create the ultimate test in mental fortitude and emotional resilience, pushing you and your patience to the very core. If you’ve become a diehard puzzler, the hardest puzzles on earth are here to test your limits and make you that much stronger. Are you up to the challenge? Because we’ve gathered a plethora of hard puzzles you can purchase online.

As our puzzling skills have improved, we’ve graduated from your standard 500- or 1,000-piece puzzles and gone looking for the hardest puzzles. While we’ve included some extra-hard 1,500-piece puzzles on our list, there’s a lot more to puzzle difficulty than the number of pieces. The world’s hardest puzzles include challenging gradient puzzles and other unique designs that make your work extra difficult.

The hardest puzzles ever are challenging in a variety of ways. Some use color (or a lack thereof), to create difficulty. Some use unusual shapes (circles rather than rectangles, for instance) to make it harder to piece together due to the lack of corners. And others are just massive. Seriously, we’ve got puzzles on this list with piece counts in the thousands and tens of thousands, with the largest puzzle on earth weighing in at a whopping 51,300 pieces. So whether you’re a masochistic puzzle lover or have a friend you’d like to punish, these are the hardest puzzles for sale.