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Home Decor Hack: These 10 Minimalist Art Prints Go With Everything

Home decorating is hard, especially the ominous task of filling up all of those big empty walls. Do you get one large piece of art? Build a gallery wall? Go for the college vibe and hang a boho tapestry?

As an adult, minimalist art is probably your best and safest bet to achieve stylish and sophisticated home decor. It’s easy to pair with other pieces since it’s on the simpler side, yet classic enough to stand alone and still elevate a room. Minimalist paintings never go out of style and they generally fit in well with any sort of decor vibe. They can be very cool yet somehow subtle at the same time. You’ll be able to move them from the bedroom to the living room or take them with you from one home to the next, which is exactly what you want when seeking out staples in art for your home. In terms of making a smart investment with the potential for long-term use, minimalist art is really the way to go.

Whether you want a minimalist painting with pops of color, a single line drawing in strictly neutrals or a relaxing photograph to bring some zen to your space, this list has some great options to dip your toe in the pool of minimalist art.

What Is Minimalist Art?

Minimalism means many things to different people. A lot of people use the term “minimalism” to describe their overall lifestyle, aesthetic preferences or approach to home decor. However, in the art world, minimalism has a more precise meaning. Specifically, it refers to a movement that began to become popular after World War II both in the United States and abroad.

In the 1960s, the minimalist art movement was a natural evolution of the abstract art world, and famous works by abstract expressionist artists like Mark Rothko were early inspirations. Rothko’s famous paintings certainly evoke minimalism, but they’re more properly placed within the abstract expressionism movement.

The minimalist movement included paintings, sculptures and even stage plays. Visually, it’s a movement based on geometric lines, shapes and angles. Minimalist art is particularly popular today among millennials, who prefer the straightforward appeal and modern sensibilities of minimalist artists.

Where To Buy Minimalist Art Prints for Your Home

If you’re reading this, we’re going to go ahead and assume that you are not in the market for a $40 million Mark Rothko painting, and are instead looking for stylish minimalist art to decorate your home. You can find plenty of minimalist paintings and photographs by contemporary artists on our favorite art websites such as Society6 and You can also find reproductions of classic works such as “Blue Nude” by Henri Matisse. We’re also huge fans of up-and-coming artist Andy Blank, whose line drawings have earned him a huge following on Instagram. Blank also sells extremely reasonably priced artwork from his personal website.

We’ve collected some of our favorite minimalist art for sale online below. And if you still can’t find minimalist art prints that you like, check out this gallery of our favorite living room wall artwork for your home.