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We’re Obsessing Over These New Rowing Blazers Sweaters, and We Want Every Single One of Them

Fall is our favorite fashion season, in part because we can finally start wearing our favorite sweaters. This week, we wrote about the release of Rowing Blazer’s new Fall/Winter ’21 collection. We’ve always been big fans of the up-and-coming fashion brand, which has singlehandedly brought rugby shirts and preppy styles back into the mainstream.

Rowing Blazers tapped comedians Pete Davidson and Ziwe Fumudoh to model the new collection, which includes new colors of the brand’s most popular sweaters, colorful accessories and made-to-order suits. However, the true standouts of the collection are the new sweaters, and we’re truly obsessed with some of these textiles. Once again, Rowing Blazers has teamed up with British knitwear company Gyles & George to recreate sweaters made famous by Princess Diana, but they’ve also introduced some new looks that we absolutely love.

The famous Princess Diana Black Sheep sweater, which features one black sheep surrounded by a herd of white sheep emblazoned across a red knit sweater, now comes in new colors. In addition, the iconic “I’m a Luxury” sweater worn by the Princess has also been updated for Fall/Winter 2021.

You can check out some photos from the campaign below, but click through our photo gallery to see our favorite sweaters from the new collection. These Rowing Blazers sweaters will be perfect for your fall fashion, but they’ll also serve as excellent Christmas gifts.