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17 Stylish Glasses to Elevate Your Eyewear Game

A stylish pair of glasses serves as the cherry on top of any outfit, a versatile accessory that can elevate your entire vibe. Sure, watches and jewelry might get all the love when it comes to wardrobe add-ons, but let’s not forget — your eyes are (hopefully) one of the first things people look at, particularly if you’re working remotely and are only visible from the torso up.*

That means, in many cases, your specs are the first fashion statement you have to offer. What will you do with that opportunity? Well, you can opt for bold, attention-grabbing glasses with thick rims and bold colors. Or you can take the minimalist route and lean toward smooth lines and elegant materials. You can join the latest trends and reach for a pair of clear glasses, or channel your inner Tom Cruise with a pair of aviator glasses. All of these options are stylish as hell, by the way. It just depends on your fashion identity.

Luckily, there are a number of places to buy glasses online, like Warby Parker, Zenni and GlassesUSA, to name a few. And while all of the glasses on this list will earn you style points, it’s important to briefly touch on function and price as well.

We’ve sourced 17 stylish options, and the prices listed mostly reflect the price of the frames only. You’ll have to tack on some extra cash for lenses if you need prescription glasses or even simple reading glasses, particularly if you want upgrades for things like UV blocking, anti-scratch or anti-reflection coating. Blue-light glasses, which help filter out some of the damaging lights from your electronic devices, are a popular upgrade these days, too. Some retailers will include basic lenses in the prices, but we usually recommend going in on at least some of the add-ons, as they’ll make for a more functional pair of glasses.

Fashion statement or not, you still need to see.

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