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What You Absolutely Need to Bring When Camping at Your Next Music Festival

Music festivals are finally back and we haven’t been more excited for anything else since we learned of the news. This year, we’ve seen the likes of Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo and more take center stage earlier this summer, but due to the emergence of the Delta variant (put your masks on, people), most of the world’s best music festivals had opted to take place post-regular music fest season in hopes that cases would die down a little bit.

Did that happen? Not necessarily. But are music festivals still happening from now throughout the rest of the fall season? Yeah, they are.

Because we are living in a world that looks VERY different than it did the last time we were attending music festivals, we are doing music festivals a little differently this year. Or, well, a lot differently. Not only are you going to need to bring the best tents for camping on festival grounds and the mightiest coolers to keep all of your refreshments chilled, but we’re even packing some things we’d never think we’d have to.

And we aren’t even only talking about COVID-19, either. A few weeks back, Bonarroo (one of the US’s most anticipated music festivals) was canceled citing massive flooding due to Hurricane Ida. So whether it’s a worldwide pandemic or intense weather-related issues, festival-goers need to keep safe more than ever before this year.

No matter which festival you’re headed to this year, read on and discover what you’re going to need to bring, from portable charging sources to cozy sweatshirts.