10 Life Hack Products to Maximize Your Space

Easy Ways to Maximize a Small
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* Space-saving organizers
* Tidy up and make room for your guests
* Cool yet practical ideas to make more with less

Gone are the days of the McMansions of the 1980s and 90s, with minimalist living in apartments, tiny houses and even RVs taking their place. Too much stuff can stress you out, even if you have a large home.

Most of us do not have space to spare, so unless you get creative, you won’t have room for many extras. To help you out, we put together a list of ten life hack products that are fun and functional.

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Every single one of these was absolutely UGLY!

1. Prodyne Under Cabinet Fruit and Veggie Hammock

It might not look like much, but it’s a space saver in a clever disguise. We love this white net fruit basket that attaches and hangs under a cabinet and stores fruit, veggies, and anything else you want at the ready.

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2. InterDesign Stackable Wine Storage Rack

There’s nothing worse than opening the fridge, only to have your favorite bottle of chardonnay fall out and break on the floor. This sturdy, BPA-free plastic wine rack is stackable, fits in your fridge, and keeps your whites, bubbly, and rose organized and chilled.

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3. 1790 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

These containers save room in your kitchen because they can go straight from the fridge to the oven. They are heavier than regular plastic containers, but you can toss some of your bulky, flimsy pans or bowls to make room for these. Plus, they last longer, are easier to clean, and don’t contain chemicals like plastics. If you remove the lids, the like-sized containers nest together, giving you more cupboard space.

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4. IRIS Airtight Pet Food/Treat Storage Container Combo,

This stacking plastic combo includes a 12-quart container for pet treats plus a 33-quart container with casters for dry pet food, keeping bulky bags out of sight. The design allows you to see how much food you have and keeps the smell in the container, not in your house. The airtight lid is large, so you can use a big scoop, and pouring food into the bowl is easy with built-in handles. What makes this storage container one of our favorites is the size of the can – which can fit nearly anywhere.

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5. BarnwoodUSA Rustic 4 Foot Decorative Wooden Ladder

Sure, this looks like a just an old wooden ladder. But it’s also a space-saving hack. Prop it up in a corner and drape blankets on it in the living room. Used in the bathroom, it’s a handy place for hanging towels.

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6. Monarch International Contemporary Chrome & Glass 2 Tier Serving Cart

Storing your fancy bourbons and flavored vodkas on top of the fridge is passé. This stealth bar can easily fit inside a closet until it’s time to put on a Sinatra LP and shake up a martini. Roll out this classy chrome and glass cart (easy to assemble) to impress your guests whether you use this as a bar, tea or dessert cart.

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7. Household Essentials 542 Balloon Chest

You can never have too many red wine glasses, but finding storage space for them can be tricky in small spaces. This cream-colored canvas box with a clear window panel is a solution. Just pack the glasses in the box, close the lid and hide it away until you need it.

Image courtesy of Amazon.

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8. Sorbus Acrylic Makeup and Jewelry Storage and Display Set

You probably have concealer in one drawer, eye shadow in a bag, nail polish in your purse and lipsticks in every room of the house. We love the simplicity of this dual purpose makeup and jewelry organizer. It’s easy to clean and stores more than you’d expect.

Image courtesy of Walmart.

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9. Bamboo Folding Dish Drainer Wooden Plate Rack Collapsible Drying Rack

Most dish racks are cumbersome, ugly and use too much space on your kitchen counter. This sleek bamboo rack can accommodate 14 full-size dinner plates and up to 10 glasses. Plastic dish drainers can get moldy – but not this rack made of durable bamboo. It folds flat and can be stashed away, although with it’s sleek design, you might not want to.

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10. Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Modern Round Shoe Ottoman

You can never have too many shoes – except maybe if you live in a small space. This fashionable and functional ottoman is a great place to hide your footwear, while blending in effortlessly with your decor.

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