SPY Guide: The Best Robotic Vacuums You Should Be Using Right Now

The Best Robotic Vacuums To Buy
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* Requires little maintenance
* Connects with your smart devices for easier control
* All models offer a degree of convenience and flexibility

Best Robotic Vacuums

roomba review

Editor’s Choice: iRobot Roomba 980 WiFi Connected Robot Vacuum

Bottom Line: The best robotic vacuum you can buy is easy to set up and full of features that streamline your life. You can program it and receive alerts wherever you are with your smart devices.

Editor’s Notes: This Roomba can handle a variety of floors (carpets, tiles, fake wood — you name it), and its brushes never get tangled. It can run for two hours, and it “knows” how to return to its dock to charge itself. However, it has trouble negotiating clutter or navigating to its charging station without a clear line of sight.

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Choice: iRobot Roomba 680 WiFi Connected Robotic Vacuum

Bottom Line: This cost-efficient Roomba packs a lot of the brand’s best features, including pre-set technology and connection with smart devices. It uses the Roomba’s three-stage cleaning system to loosen, lift, and suction dirt and debris.

Editor’s Notes: Its lacks a little oomph compared to some higher-end Roombas, but for the money, it does the job well.

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neato robot vacuum review

Best Value: Neato Botvac D Series High-Performance Pet and Allergy Vacuum D8000

Bottom Line: Affordable yet high in quality. Its special D-shape efficiently cleans corners.

Editor’s Notes: This Roomba targets allergens and pet hair, and it uses laser-driven mapping technology to navigate your home. Bigger jobs may require several charges.

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Roomba Buying Guide: Which Roomba is Right for You?

Robotic vacuums are no longer a novelty appliance. They’re an efficient addition to smart homes, and they free homeowners from some tedious labor. Other than regular emptying, Roombas require little maintenance. Some can even charge themselves.

Because most robotic vacuums can fit underneath couches and beds, you won’t have to worry about unseen dust bunnies or allergen pile-ups.


Q. Why buy a robotic vacuum?
A. Here are a few reasons why you might choose to simplify your life with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

● You’re busy, and you want a set-and-forget vacuum cleaner—the kind you can start up and let it do its thing.
● You’re sick of fighting a losing battle against pet hair, and you want to live a clean life free of allergy symptoms.
● You’re intrigued by the idea of scheduling cleanings from your phone—and coming home to a nice, clean space sounds so inviting.
● You want a vacuum cleaner that’s easier to store than a traditional upright vacuum.

Q. Will a robotic vacuum be able to move around my home without assistance?
A. The general principle behind a robotic vacuum cleaner is that you don’t have to physically maneuver the machine yourself, but the technology isn’t perfect. Some robotic vacuum cleaners use sensors to avoid falling down stairs or tumbling down drop-offs, and some use mapping systems to navigate throughout your home. That said, there are some robotic vacuums that fare better than others when it comes to home navigation.

If your home has a complicated layout and/or tight spaces, you may want to spend a bit more on a higher-tech robotic vacuum cleaner that uses artificial intelligence.

Q. Can a robotic vacuum cleaner right itself when I’m not around?
A. The more advanced robotic vacuum cleaner you buy, the better it will be at avoiding hazards and correcting itself. Regardless, it’s always best to scan and clear the area of larger items (shoes, bags, cords) that might trap your vacuum cleaner.

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