SPY Guide: The Best Smart TVs to Get Right Now

The Best Smart TVs to Buy
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* The new standard resolution in TVs is 4K UHD
* Prices have decreased drastically over the last year
* Smart TVs can connect to all your favorite streaming services

Best Smart TVs

Editor’s Choice: Samsung 75″ Q7F Class 4K (2160P) Smart QLED TV

1 year
Sad that you folks miss important issues. In particular, Samsung/Sony/lg not only have full blown OS, but...

Bottom Line: Provides a top-notch viewing experience thanks to its crystal-clear picture quality and wide viewing angles.

Editor’s Notes: The large screen is brightly lit, and the back of the device reveals plenty of inputs for the entertainment geek to use. The price is higher than other models, but users testify to its high quality.

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Choice: Sony 43″ X800E 4K Ultra HD TV

Bottom Line: This Sony TV has excellent image quality and superb sound.

Editor’s Notes: The TV features TRILUMINOS display, which provides viewers with top-notch image quality. The Android-based Smart TV also gives users access to many apps for streaming content. The remote, however, leaves something to be desired.

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Best Value: Samsung 55″ MU6300 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Bottom Line: A decent price for a good-sized quality TV from a reputable brand.

Editor’s Notes: The HD picture looks fantastic, the sound is crisp, and WiFi works well. The included remote has a few quirks, though, such as a flimsy battery compartment.

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Buying Guide for Smart TVs

If you’re still not sure if you want to cut the cord and do away with cable forever, a Smart TV might be the way to go. You can have your cake and eat it, too. Watch Jeopardy and late-night shows on cable and binge Jessica Jones on Netflix without having to switch inputs or load up content streaming device. So, before you settle on a model, what should you know about Smart TVs?

Buyers have the choice between LED and OLED technology. LED technology produces a bright, crisp image and is more affordable than its higher-quality counterpart, OLED. OLED technology provides users with exceptional picture-quality, but OLED TVs are typically not as bright as LED ones. OLED models are, however, viewable from more angles than LED TVs. Larger OLED TV units are also much more expensive, so if screen size is important to you, but you have a limited budget, an LED model is the way to go.

Smart TVs also come with a mounting kit, so you can stick that sleek baby directly up on the wall, but you can also use the included stand if you’re not tool-savvy and don’t want to drop your brand new device.

Check what kind of inputs each model has and whether they work for your needs. By the way, all the Smart TVs above work on WiFi, so if you want to get the most out of them, you’ll need to set that up. Each Smart TV also comes loaded with an operating system and usually has apps already loaded so you can plug and play. Through WiFi, you can download more apps, too.

Sound quality is mostly the same for all Smart TVs, so more expensive models are usually priced higher because they have a bigger screen or better image quality. You can, however, talk to some Smart TVs. If you’re a big fan of telling off Siri, you may want to make sure your chosen unit has this capability.

Most companies will preload popular apps like Netflix and Hulu, so you can start binge-watching immediately.


Q. What’s the advantage of a Smart TV over a streaming box?
A. To use a streaming box, you need a TV. If you get a Smart TV, you get the functionality of a streaming box built in. Smart TVs also have inputs, so you can use other devices, like a DVD player with the TV.

Q. Do I need to have cable to use my Smart TV?
A. No. That’s the beauty of a Smart TV. You can choose to cut the cord and enjoy content solely via streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Video.

Q. Can I hook up my gaming console to my Smart TV?
A. Depending on the number of inputs on your device, you can plug in your PS4, your Xbox, and your Nintendo Switch and use the Smart TV menu to access the consoles.

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