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SPY Guide: The 7 Best Tech Gifts for Non-Techie Parents

The Best Tech Gifts For Parents
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* Gadgets that solve everyday problems and fit easily with a family lifestyle
* New devices help with everything from cleaning floors to keeping children safe online
* Tech that makes parenting more comfortable

Technology is everywhere, and it makes our lives a little easier each day. But, not everyone loves tinkering with gadgets or spending hours setting up their newest tech finds. Parents have it especially rough—who has time to mess with technology when they’re chasing after their kid?

Thankfully, there’s a sweet spot of tech gifts that are simple to use and genuinely make parenting easier. Whether it’s a smart vacuum to take over cleaning duties or noise-canceling headphones for mom or dad’s quiet time, we’ve got all the right gear for parents—hassles and headaches not included.

1. Garmin Drive 5″ USA LM EX GPS Navigator

The best gifts for any parents are the ones that simplify their lives—and a standalone GPS unit goes a long way toward making driving less stressful. Forget about messing with your phone or getting interrupted by emails and text messages while driving. The Garmin Drive is dedicated to distraction-free driving with GPS and GPS only and comes with alerts to help you avoid traffic jams.

garmin gps

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2. iRobot Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is the undisputed king of smart vacuums—it has all the fancy-sounding cleaning upgrades (like their AeroForce Cleaning System with Power Boost), and it makes a map of your home as it cleans so that it rarely misses a spot. The long battery life and easy smartphone app make the Roomba 980 one of the top picks among robotic vacuums. It’s got a steep price tag, but who can put a price on needing to push around a vacuum less?

roomba vacuum

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3. Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes mom and dad need quiet time, and nothing helps shut out the world better than a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. Sony’s MDRZX110NC-ZX headphones have a complicated name, but they couldn’t be easier to use, and they’re more affordable than their competitors. Despite not having an in-line microphone, the audio quality and durability of these headphones paired with their low price makes them a great deal compared to similar models.

Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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4. Tile Mate Item Finder

Tile Mates are an indispensable tool for absent-minded parents. Attach one to anything you don’t want to lose—your keys, your wallet, or even your pets—and you’ll be able to keep track of them with your smartphone. While we’re not yet in the age of microchipping our kids so we don’t lose them, this may just be the next best thing.

tile mate finder

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5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

No parent should be without a good, durable tablet—it’s essential for staying on top of the family’s calendar, tracking to-do lists, and occasionally distracting the kids. While Apple’s iPad is the most well-known, not to mention expensive, tablet around, Samsung Galaxy Tabs are the real deal. Out of the vast selection of tablets available, they’re among the best because they’re fast, affordable, and can take a beating.

samsung galaxy tab a

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6. Sonos Play: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker

Music can be a special part of raising kids, and the Sonos system of speakers makes it ultra-easy to integrate music anywhere you and your kids go in your home. The Sonos system excels at two things: streaming music from online services like Spotify and delivering audiophile-quality sound. While the Play speakers will never deliver the hassle—ahem, beloved ritual—of cleaning, storing, and playing vinyl, it can play anything your phone can, and make it sound incredible.

sonos play speaker

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7. eero Home Wi-Fi System

Every non-techie dreams of “set it and forget it” WiFi, and now that mesh WiFi systems are available to consumers, the dream is finally here. The eero Pro WiFi System is a trio of identical routers that communicate with one another to make sure that every wireless device is getting as strong a signal as possible. Eero’s five-minute set-up and wall-to-wall coverage make it a solid choice, and its $10 a month parental controls make the system an essential for parents of adolescents.eero Pro Wi-Fi System

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