Lived-In Review: ENO Camping Hammocks Let You Rough It In Comfort

Eagle's Nest Outfitters Hammocks Review: A
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* No need to sleep on the cold, hard ground
* So compact and lightweight, you’ll barely notice it in your pack
* ENO camping hammocks offer comfort and support

Your camping dreams may include roughing it, getting back to nature, and feeling the earth beneath your feet. But once you’ve set up your tent, inflated your air mattress, and powered up your solar speakers, it’s more “glamping” than camping. If you really want to get back to basics, why not try a camping hammock?

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) produces quality camping hammocks that can help you feel at one with nature on your next camping trip. This family-owned company that started out of a van is now the most well-known and well-loved hammock manufacturers, based out of Asheville, North Carolina.

What is a Camping Hammock?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a camping hammock and a regular hammock. Camping hammocks are lightweight and easy to transport, comfortable to sleep in, and durable enough to withstand regular use. Some camping hammocks come with extra insulation for adventurers who like to sleep alfresco during the colder months.

The classic string hammock is not so cozy or supportive. You might not mind taking a short snooze in one, but if you tried spending an entire night in one, you’d likely wake up stiff and uncomfortable—and possibly cold.

ENO camping hammocks are designed with campers in mind. They are crafted from nylon—strong, lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying—to give you a supportive yet comfortable night under the stars.

How Do You Use a Camping Hammock?

Camping hammocks are a snap to set up and use if you have the right gear and a couple of well-placed trees or posts. You’ll need some suspension straps that fit around whatever you plan to hang your hammock from. Once in place, the clips at either end of the hammock attach to the suspension straps. ENO recommends its stretchy Atlas straps for camping use. The daisy chain design makes it easy to fit them around larger trees if that’s what you need.

Of course, a camping hammock alone can’t protect you from the rain or bugs that inevitably come calling when you’re trying to commune with nature. Some ENO camping hammocks are treated with insect repellent or created with a built-in bug net, but most are not. Fortunately, you can bring some accessories along to shelter yourself from these undesirable elements. ENO makes rain tarps and bug nets to keep you safe from raindrops and bug bites; other manufacturers do, too. If you plan to use a fly sheet for rain protection or a bug net to keep creepy-crawlies at bay, you’ll need to set those up according to directions.

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Once your hammock and accessories are in place, all you need to do is climb in with your sleeping bag and enjoy a good night’s sleep suspended in mid-air.

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Why An ENO Camping Hammock?

If you’re looking for a lightweight hammock that easily fits in your pack, we doubt you’d be disappointed with an ENO camping hammock. These highly-durable hammocks are easy to set up and use. And when you awaken, refreshed and revitalized, to the sound of morning birds chirping, it’s a cinch to fold the hammock back into its storage bag and proceed with your day.

ENO camping hammocks are sold in a rainbow of fun colors and color combos. If you’re interested in a hammock for two, ENO makes those, too. Just check the weight limit before you buy.

Crafted with real attention to detail and the needs of the camper in mind, you don’t have to be an experienced woodsman to comfortably use an ENO hammock on your next foray into the wilderness. Happy camping!

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