SPY Guide: The Best Camping Hammocks Under $50

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* Get a good night’s sleep at even the most remote camping sites
* A lightweight sleeping option that can save room in your backpack
* Durable camping gear that lets you sleep under the stars in the fresh air

Camping is about getting out in the great outdoors—and that’s why a camping hammock has it all over a tent. Because it’s suspended between trees, a camping hammock sweeps you up and away from the cold, hard ground where sticks and rocks threaten to ruin your peaceful night.

All camping hammocks are made of lightweight, durable materials, but the best ones come with a storage bag. Some also include the suspension system you need to hang it, netting to help you fight off pesky bugs, a tarp to shield you from rain showers, and/or a quilt to keep your toes toasty.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a lovely night enfolded in the coziness of a camping hammock. Below, you’ll find information about five of our favorite camping hammocks for under $50. Each product delivers high performance—along with some awesome extras— without breaking the bank.

1. Honesh Outdoor Leisure Double Cotton Hammock

Do you get a little hot and sweaty when you sleep? This hammock is made of lightweight, breathable cotton that can help keep you cool during muggy summer camping trips. Even better, the cotton is mildew-resistant and can be thrown in the washing machine for quick cleaning. The Honesh hammock supports up to 450 pounds, though some users find that it’s a little too narrow to fit two sleepers comfortably. It’s a great option for solo campers, however, and it comes with a bag for easy packing and storage.

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2. Blue Sky Hammocks Nylon Couple’s Double Ultralight Hammock

For campers whose main priority is easy installation, this hammock has got you covered. It comes with the straps and hooks necessary to hang it in in a hurry. It’s also comfortable; the lightweight nylon is soft and breathable, so you feel cool and comfortable as you’re swaddled in mid-air. The Blue Sky camping hammock can accommodate up to 330 pounds, and best of all, you can throw it in the washer for easy cleaning after your camping trip.

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3. Odoland Lightweight Portable Nylon Camping Hammock

Backpackers love this hammock because it weighs only 13 ounces. As a result, your pack stays light and manageable as you hike the trails, mountains, or meadows to your sleeping spot. The nylon parachute material is soft and strong, and it breathes easily in warm air, so you can relax comfortably all night long. The Odoland’s low price includes all the equipment necessary to hang it, as well as a bag to store your hammock and supplies.

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4. Bigfoot Outdoor Double Camping Hammock

The Bigfoot Outdoor Hammock provides tree-friendly straps for hanging; you can leave your campsite exactly as you found it, which is great for eco-minded campers in particular. The extra-soft, flexible parachute material conforms to your body for true comfort as you lounge or snooze. And if you’re looking to save space in your backpack, it folds down to a compact size that can even fit in most pack pockets.

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