SPY Guide: The Best Essential Oils For What Ails You

How To Use Essential Oils: The
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* Find essential oils to improve your life
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Are you looking for a natural skin-soothing treatment? How about an oil to quell an upset stomach? Or maybe you’d simply like to relax with a pleasant scent. There is an essential oil to help you with these concerns and more.

Essential oils have been used for cosmetic, culinary, and medicinal purposes since ancient times. These oils are no substitute for professional medical treatment when needed, but they do offer some enjoyable and therapeutic benefits. Here are some fantastic essential oils that would fit quite nicely in your medicine cabinet.

1. ArtNaturals 16 Pure Essential Oils Plus Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This impressive aromatherapy collection by ArtNaturals offers a sampling of 16 popular essential oils including eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, and sweet orange. For a reasonable price, you also get an ultrasonic diffuser to help you release this aromatic goodness into the air. Use the oils and diffuser to enhance your downtime, whether you’re relaxing after work or drifting off to sleep.

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2. Plant Therapy Essential Oils Peppermint Essential Oil

You’re probably aware of peppermint’s ability to calm digestive issues, but did you know that when applied topically, it can also increase alertness and soothe headache pain? This excellent oil from Plant Therapy Essential Oils is pure, undiluted, and of a therapeutic grade. The scent is a particularly pleasant choice for aromatherapy during the holiday season.

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3. Healing Solutions Best Blends Set of Six Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Not sure which essential oil would be best for you? Not to worry. The Healing Solutions set of six essential oils contains blends that target specific needs such as stress, muscle tension, and headache. Not only does this set of blended oils offer numerous benefits, but the scents are fabulous. Consider giving this as a gift to that special someone—or to yourself.

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4. Spring Valley Tea Tree Oil Skin Health

Do you have a minor skin problem such as acne or an itchy scalp? When applied topically, tea tree oil delivers numerous healing benefits. Spring Valley’s pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil is harvested in Australia, one of the richest sources in the world for this valued oil. A little also goes a long way, making it an economical, all-natural option for treating various skin conditions.

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5. Sun Essential Oils Lemongrass Oil

Sun Essential Oils offers a generous bottle of one of the most popular essential oils on today’s market: lemongrass oil. Known to soothe skin irritations, bad moods, and achy muscles, it comes with a handy dropper for easy dispensing and smells absolutely delightful. If you’re looking for a versatile essential oil for multiple purposes, strongly consider this one.

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6. NOW Essential Oils, Lavender

Do you want an essential oil with a scent that is both bold and a bit floral? Lavender oil has long been valued for its aromatherapeutic benefits of relaxation and stress relief. NOW lavender essential oil stands out for its divine rich scent, which is ideal on its own or blended with other oils to further enhance your experience.

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7. De La Cruz 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil

Perhaps you’ve inhaled eucalyptus to help ease the discomfort of a cold. The powerful decongestant benefits of the eucalyptus plant have made it a popular additive to cold and sinus medications for years now. De La Cruz provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy this essential oil in its natural form with its pure eucalyptus oil. Even if you’re not feeling under the weather, you can use this oil for a pleasant, relaxing aromatherapy session.

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8. Plant Therapy Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil

Although you don’t hear as much about frankincense as other essential oils, it’s worth exploring for its mind-soothing capabilities. Plant Therapy’s undiluted, therapeutic-grade formula consists of pure frankincense oil with a rich scent that’s perfect for when you want to unwind. It’s also a good value, as it doesn’t take much to fill a room with the delightful scent.

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9. NOW Essential Oils, Cinnamon Cassia

Cinnamon oil delivers a familiar autumnal scent that stirs memories and lightens the soul, and NOW’s Cinnamon Cassia is the perfect addition to your collection. This oil’s spicy scent is lovely in a diffuser, especially when the air turns crisp and you want to fill your home with the essence of fall.

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10. Healing Solutions Sweet Orange Oil

Aromatherapy with a sweet and fruity twist: that’s what you get with Healing Solutions’ sweet orange oil. In addition to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, there’s no denying that sweet orange oil can fill your home—and your mind—with delightful thoughts of summertime. Essential oil enthusiasts are sure to love this bold citrus scent.

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