SPY Guide: The 5 Best Outdoor Speakers Under $150

The Best Outdoor Speakers On a
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* Good sound quality at an affordable price
* Weather-resistant, durable speakers that can withstand changing outdoor conditions
* Create atmosphere and ambiance in your backyard with music

Music can transform an afternoon by the pool into a beach party. It can turn an everyday barbecue into a rousing neighborhood get-together. One of the best ways to create an inviting outdoor space is with outdoor speakers that can be mounted on a wall, hidden in the ground, or camouflaged with landscaping. For less than $150, you’ll find outdoor speakers with impressive sound quality and the durability to withstand heat, rain, and wind.

The outdoor speakers on our list provide decent bass and volume at an affordable price. Some designs have 360-degree sound distribution while others push sound in two or three directions. Our top picks have a good variety of size and sound distribution options. They are durable and impressive outdoor speakers with prices that go easy on the pocketbook.

1. TIC Corporation GS3 8” Pro Omni Speaker

For the price and size, this speaker packs a lot of power. Some people may not love the shrub green color, but others will find that it blends beautifully with their landscaping. With 360-degree sound distribution that reaches every corner of the backyard, you may not even care about the color.

The GS3’s depth of the bass makes up for the fact that overall sound quality is about average. It can be installed in-ground or placed on a deck or patio. Factor in good weather resistance, and you’ll see why we think this outdoor speaker is definitely worth considering.

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2. Pyle 3.5” 3-Way Mini Box Speaker System

Deck, pool, boat—these little speakers can be attached to just about anything. Their size makes them ideal for tucking away where they can’t be seen. You can use them as your sound system or integrate them into an existing system for a sound boost. They’re waterproof and have a removable, rust-proof grill for easy cleaning. The sound won’t blow you away, but neither will the price—and the volume and clarity aren’t bad.

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3. Theater Solutions 2R8G 8” Outdoor Rock Speakers

We like to call these speakers “camo with class.” In the daytime, they mostly blend in with your landscaping if you use similarly sized rocks in your design, but a discerning eye would be able to tell they’re not natural. However, at night, the shape and color are good enough to make your guests search for the source of your sound. This paired set isn’t what you’d want if you like high volume and deep bass, but for light background music, they work well.

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4. Acoustic Research

Easy to hang and simple to move, this speaker brings versatility to the positioning of your music. It can be connected to your sound system in or out of doors. We especially like the design because it actually adds something to your outdoor decor. It can be placed a good distance from the receiver, so it works well in big backyards. If you buy more than one, you can create your own surround sound. The sound quality is decent, though audiophiles might be happier with something more robust.

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5. Yamaha NS-AW350 High-Performance Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way Speakers

While these impressive speakers have the durability and design features to be used indoors, their sound quality allows them to work just as well outdoors. Plus, they come with a mounting bracket that works either horizontally or vertically. Even at high volumes, these affordably priced gems from Yamaha don’t distort or lose clarity. Excellent sound quality, good volume, and decent bass make them one of our overall favorite choices. We highly recommend them to audiophiles on a budget.

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