Lived-In Review: Sonos and Alexa Meet at Last in a Match Made in Digital Heaven

Sonos One Is Now Alexa Compatible
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 * The Sonos One integrates Amazon’s digital assistant with Sonos’ trademark sound quality
* Control one or more Sonos speakers with voice commands
* Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2 support coming soon

For years, audiophiles and smart-home fanatics alike have wished for a device that has it all: Amazon’s best-in-class digital assistant, Alexa, and Sonos’ legendary speaker quality. Fans who have been following the will-they/won’t-they relationship will be pleased to know that the wait is over. The Sonos One is here, and it’s an incredible combination.

The Sonos One is ideal for speaker fanatics who demand high-quality sound from their home audio as well as long-time Amazon Echo users who are ready to level-up their speaker game. While it’s missing a few features we love — we’re looking at you, Bluetooth — the Sonos One now sits on top in two categories; it’s our favorite smart assistant and our favorite home speaker.

An Audiophile’s Smart Assistant

Amazon Echo speakers can simplify your life by keeping you on time in the morning, warning you about weather occurrences, and managing your inboxes. And while most people welcome the efficiency that Alexa brings, there’s no denying that the fun of owning an Alexa device is being able to listen to any music you want at any time. Whether you’re setting the mood with a jazz station or concocting your own “Risky Business” dance session, there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to ask for — and immediately hear just about any song you want.

The Sonos One amps up Alexa’s fun factor significantly. Music now thumps with bass and shines with surprising depth. Even casual interactions like the “Daily Flash Briefing” are delivered with a warmth not found on any other Echo speaker.

Killer Features: What Sonos Does Best

In addition to their rich, bassy speakers, Sonos has also built their name on a few clever innovations, like multi-room audio. That means that when you put multiple Sonos speakers throughout your home, you can use them all to play the same music… or you can set up custom zones and play different music in different rooms. You can always build a whole-home music solution by adding more Sonos speakers, too. Like Apple products, the more you buy, the stronger the integration.

On top of that, Sonos is good at centralizing music from different sources. Through the Sonos app — and now through voice commands as well — you can use any music service you want, including Pandora, Spotify, or TIDAL. Long-time Sonos fans love the app’s “one-stop shopping” approach, mainly because it cuts down on time spent looking for music. And with Alexa’s voice commands, it’s now even easier.

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More Updates to Come

Sonos has announced that they’ll be rolling out updates to all Sonos One owners in 2018 and delivering two key features: support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless streaming and integration with Google Assistant.

AirPlay 2 is a big deal for the Apple faithful. The new streaming audio protocol means you can stream music directly (even fancy formats like ALAC) from any iOS or OS X device to the Sonos One. AirPlay 2 is better than Bluetooth, making it a worthwhile perk for iPhone and iPad owners.

Google Assistant integration is also hotly anticipated. If Alexa isn’t your thing, or if you’ve already invested in Google Home, you’ll soon be able to swap out Amazon’s Echo services for Google’s. While we’re still partial to Alexa, it’s always good to have options.

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