Lived-In Review: The Case for Owning a LifeProof iPhone Case

Lifeproof Phone Case Review: The Best
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* Life is a hard ride – and a dropped phone is a hard loss
* On its own, your iPhone can’t keep up with your lifestyle
* A LifeProof case gives your iPhone a fighting chance

Life moves fast. To ride it, you need to harness the moments, fearless and fully committed. But your iPhone can’t keep pace. It’s simply not able to endure the high-octane, daredevil extremes that you do. If it gets knocked down, it won’t get back up again. It will just stay there. On the ground. Broken.

Unless you have a way to protect it, that is. Something that will allow your phone to lead the same kamikaze lifestyle that surges your adrenaline. Something that shields it from the side effects of adventure, protecting it from harm. Something lifeproof.

What is a LifeProof Case?

Gary Rayner was prone to destroying his phone. And whether he dropped it, left it someplace it didn’t belong, or lost custody of it to a little one who thought it would be fun to toss it into a water-filled tub, he realized he was spending far too much time worrying about the safety of his phone.

Not wanting his personal experience to be for naught, Rayner began thinking about the specific ways in which phones were most often damaged. Realizing there were four main perils, Gary decided to invest in creating a case that would protect his phone from those hazards.

In 2009, he founded LifeProof, a company that developed, manufactured, and sold protective cases for mobile phones. LifeProof cases were waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof, and drop proof. After only a few years, before his company became too big to be of interest to investors, Rayner sold LifeProof to Otterbox with the understanding that the brand would continue its innovative growth.

What Does a LifeProof iPhone Case Do?

Taking advantage of a number of ideas and utilizing proven technologies from other industries, LifeProof cases allow you to focus on living without constantly worrying about your phone. The tough but thin polycarbonate frame snaps together with a polymer gasket that creates a watertight seal. Besides keeping out water, that seal also keeps your iPhone safe from dirt, dust, debris, and snow.

Additionally, LifeProof cases allow you full access to all of your phone’s features, from the touchscreen to the camera to a waterproof headphone jack. If used with waterproof headphones, you can even listen to music while partaking in vigorous water activities such as swimming and surfing.

In short, a LifeProof case keeps your iPhone safe so you can do life on your own terms.

The Four LifeProof Models

Currently, LifeProof has four models: SLΛM, NËXT, FRĒ, and NÜÜD.

SLΛM: The slim but durable design resists hard hits and offers protection from drops of up to six feet. The transparent shell reveals yet protects your iPhone’s factory finish.

lifeproof phone case review Image courtesy of Lifeproof

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NËXT: This slim case with direct touch offers protection from drops of up to six feet. It also can shield your iPhone (including ports, mic, and speakers) from dirt, dust, snow, and debris.

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FRĒ: With a built-in screen cover, this case allows you to take your iPhone underwater (over six feet down) for up to an hour. Additionally, the case offers protection from drops of up to six feet, as well as sealing out dirt, dust, debris, and snow.

lifeproof phone case review Image courtesy of Walmart

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NÜÜD: This remarkable design allows you to have contact with your iPhone’s actual touchscreen while still protecting it from water—it can be submerged up to six feet for one hour. Additionally, the case seals out dirt, dust, debris, and snow, and it offers protection from drops of up to six feet.

lifeproof phone case review Image courtesy of Walmart

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