Lived-In Review: The Frame TV by Samsung is the Arty Entertainment Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed

Samsung Frame TV Review: Why This
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* Find out why everyone is talking about The Frame TV
* Display high-resolution art and personal photos with customizable frames on a 4K TV
* The Frame TV camouflages into wall when not in use for a minimalist look

A giant, high-tech TV is what you might call a necessary luxury. Unfortunately, it can kill your pad’s vibe by becoming the focal point of a room—a focal point that looks metallic and bland half the time. Enter The Frame TV. Its maker, Samsung, calls it the “most beautiful TV you’ve never seen.” That’s right, we said never. Read on to find out why.

What is a Samsung Frame TV?

The Frame is designed to be a high-quality TV that doesn’t look like a TV. It has a no-gap mount that lays flat against the wall. If you’re so inclined, you can purchase Samsung’s separately sold wooden bezel, so that the TV mimics an art frame.

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When you’re not watching the screen, you can activate “Art Mode” and display one of a hundred pre-downloaded pieces of art from 37 artists, ranging from landscapes to urban abstract pieces. You can choose between dozens of combinations of matte layouts and colors to further mimic a frame. You can buy additional works or subscriptions to image collections from museums and other institutions on the app. Alternatively, you can upload your personal images and photos.

The Frame uses motion sensors to activate Art Mode whenever someone is in the room (so it’s not needlessly wasting energy to show art to an empty room). An ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen as the amount of light in the room changes throughout the day.

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How is The Frame Different From Other TV Image Displays? 

What’s really cool about The Frame is that it can “camouflage” into the wall behind it. So you see it while you’re watching Game of Thrones, but you don’t see it when you’re finished with your show. How does this work? Using the TV’s “ambient mode,” you take a photo of the wall. The TV’s operating system mimics the color and texture to blend in like a chameleon. It can recreate anything from patterned wallpaper to textured concrete.

Beyond the display, the TV connects via WiFi and Bluetooth and features HDMI 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and an optical audio port on a separate box connected to the screen by a thin fiber optic cable. This lets you tuck everything out of sight; it’s a great TV for design minimalists, basically.

It also runs Tizen 3.0, which is Samsung’s proprietary operating system. Tizen will give you all the standard smart TV features, letting you download streaming apps and browse the internet.

For the spec fiends, The Frame is 54.6 inches diagonally with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and 240 motion rate. The TV also features Dolby audio, a multiroom link, a built-in woofer, and a down-firing speaker with bass reflex.

Why Do I Need a Samsung Frame TV?

You need a Samsung Frame TV if you are someone who places high value on the aesthetics of your home or office. The Samsung Frame TV cuts the clutter and delivers some great artistic viewing options to people who care about such things. It’s a luxury-quality TV you’ll want to show off instead of hiding it away.

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