Back in Style: Modern Products With Vintage Appeal

The Best Vintage-Inspired Products For Home
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* Nothing goes out of style forever, and these old favorites are back
* New takes on old classics to modern products with a vintage twist
* Fun ways to make your outfit or home a little modern-antique

Everyone knows that retro is all the rage right now, but retro style doesn’t have to mean moth-eaten garments or rusty homeware. You can find plenty of vintage-style goods that give you that antique look without actually being old.

Take a look at some of our picks for style revivals ā€“ before you know it, you’ll be doing the Macarena in your leg warmers like it’s still the 20th century.

1. Audio-Technica Direct-Drive Professional Turntable

Haven’t you heard that CDs are out, and vinyl is in? But, to listen to all your newly-acquired records, you’re going to need a turntable. This excellent model from Audio-Technica is nothing like your grandparents’ finicky record player ā€“ no skipping needle on this one. It’s USB-compatible and can convert records into MP3s for listening on the go, plus its internal stereo preamp allows it to plug straight into components without a turntable input.

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2. Dr. Martens Pascal 8-Eye Combat Boot Shoe

It might seem like the decade didn’t end that long ago, but all things ’90s are officially back in style, and nothing screams “grunge” quite like a chunky pair of Dr. Martens. Unleash your inner Kat or Courtney with these rock-solid boots, and embrace that alternative look.

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3. Philips – Wake-up Light

Who really uses a dedicated alarm clock in this day and age? Basically, everybody under 60 owns a cell phone, so alarm clocks have been going the way of the dinosaur. Wake-up lights, however, are here to breathe new life into the alarm clock concept. Rather than giving you a harsh, loud jolt to consciousness that could put the most cheerful person into a bad mood for the day, wake-up lights gently rouse you with a gradually-increasing sunrise-like light. This eases you into the day and gives you the feeling of waking up naturally.

philips wake up light

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4. Ray-Ban Men’s Gradient New Wayfarer

Wayfarer sunglasses were the shades of choice in the ’80s, and they’ve had a definite revival. Tap into the Ferris Bueller we all have inside with a pair of these iconic retro shades. They might come with a high price tag, but you really can’t beat Ray-Ban Wayfarers, so forget the generic knock-offs.

ray ban wayfarer

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5. 14.5″ Pink Glitter Chalkboard Lava Lamp

The lava lamp might just be the ultimate in retro decor. This particular model has a cool twist, too. The metal parts are covered in chalkboard paint, so you can write and draw all sorts of secret messages and favorite doodles on it, then wipe away the evidence.

lava lamp

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6. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Remember the days when every self-respecting teenager proudly sported a bean bag chair in their room? Well, those days don’t have to be a thing of the past. The bean bag chair is back, and it’s better than ever. The Big Joe bean bag chair even has arms and a back, which is great, since anyone out of their spry teenage years will probably struggle to get in and out of a regular bean bag chair without assistance.

bean bag chair

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7. Lodge Logic 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

There was a time when cast iron skillets were only seen in Little House on the Prairie or the kitchens of southern grandmothers. But now, the cast iron revival means that every foodie wants to own one. While you might not be able to beat the quality craftsmanship of a true vintage cast iron skillet, some contemporary models come pretty close. This 12-inch skillet from Lodge is not only of excellent quality, but it’s affordable, too. You can use it on the stovetop or in your oven. (Remember to handle a hot one with oven mitts!)

cast iron skillet

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8. Denim Jumpsuit

The ’70s might be long gone, but we’ve never forgotten about disco, and now jumpsuits are having a revival, too. This ones brings a shorter, simpler look as opposed to the bell bottoms we’re happy to keep in the past. It just goes to show that you don’t have to crack out the disco ball to have a jumpsuit comeback.

denim jumpsuit

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