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The Best Luxury Travel Accessories to
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Scott Fitzgerald, author of the The Great Gatsby, once said, ā€œLet me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.ā€ And they are, especially when it comes to travel. They rent private jets and stay in fancy hotel suites, something most of us canā€™t afford.

You can, however, find a deal on airfare and lodging, if youā€™re itching to splurge on travel accessories to fit in with the rich jetsetters. Here are 11 travel products weā€™ve determined are worth the splurge should you want to treat yourself to a taste of the good life.

1. Coach Menā€™s PVC Handbag Crossbody Bag

This designer Coach crossbody bag is both functional and attractive ā€“ and gender neutral. You can store your passport, travel itinerary, and even an iPad in this bag. Coach has a reputation for its classic, reasonably-priced products, and by slinging this ā€œmenā€™sā€ bag over your shoulder, youā€™ll be telling both men and women that youā€™re a class act.

coach sling bag

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2. Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3-Piece Luggage Set

Hardside spinner luggage always stands out on the carousel at the airport. While other passengerā€™s soft, scuffed-up suitcases go round and round, they will be admiring your fancy baggage. Tough and durable, yet classy, these bags practically shout VIP.

samsonite luggage

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3. Siamod Unisex Ceresola Laptop Bag

This fancy briefcase with wheels will hold your laptop and all your important papers in style. The soft leather and sturdy design scream CEO or movie producer.

Siamod Laptop Bag

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4. Tag Heuer Men’s CAY1111.BA0927 Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch

Instead of looking at your phone like all the other travelers on the plane, youā€™ll be checking the time on this classic menā€™s dress watch. But this isnā€™t your grandfatherā€™s watch ā€“ this timepiece is scratch – and water-resistant – so your investment will last.

Tag Heuer Men's Watch

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5. Marmot Women’s Minimalist Jacket

This womenā€™s jacket is chic, yet durable and practical for the adventurer who is sure to encounter inclimate weather. Itā€™s well-made and perfect for a safari in Kenya or yachting in Portofino. Even the wealthy know better than to wear an all-flash, no-function coat while exploring new places.

Marmot Women's Jacket

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6. Lacoste Men’s Piloter Corde Driving Moc

Lacoste’s Piloter Corde Driving Mocs are on trend, comfortable, and solid. The famous alligator logo is discreetly placed on this driving shoe, so you wonā€™t look like a slave to labels. Theyā€™re easy to take off in the security line ā€” a convenience every smart traveler needs.

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7. TRTL Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Travel on the plane, train, or even a bus in total comfort with this innovative travel pillow. While other passengers are fidgeting with those bean bag neck noodles, trying (and failing) to get some shut eye, your head will be gently tilted as you dream about your destination. Wake up ready to explore, refreshed and pain-free.

best travel pillow

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8.Ā  Adidas Women’s ZNE Road Trip Pants

These travel pants are a must for well-traveled women. You might not be able to afford first-class or even business-class, but if you wear these pants on a long flight, youā€™ll be chic and comfortable. Sleeker than sweatpants and not as confining as jeans, youā€™ll be glad you invested in these.

adidas track pants

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9. Diamond-cut Sterling Silver Money Clip

Sure, a leather wallet is practical, but a money clip shows you are minimalist ā€“ but not with your cash. Big, bulky wallets have been known to cause back pain, and since you probably carry a cell phone with full of travel pics and maps of new cities, a money clip helps you streamline your pockets.

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10. Tommy Bahama Men’s TBW114 Hat

Leave your baseball cap at home, and top off your outfit with this classic Tommy Bahama Panama hat. Keep cool while looking the part of an experienced traveler as you walk along any beach in the world. A hat is an important accessory for going incognito, so whether youā€™re trying to escape fans or just need chic sun protection, this complements just about any outfit.

tommy bahama hat

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