How To Play Spikeball: The Exciting New Lawn Game For Your Next Barbecue

How to Play Spikeball and The
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* Learn why Spikeball is the fastest-growing sport among people of all ages
* Play Spikeball anywhere with a little open space
* Find the right Spikeball set based on your skill level

Forget the volleyball net next time you get together with friends and start “spiking” this ball instead. Spikeball is an exciting, competitive alternative to traditional sports and lawn games. In fact, you can even play it indoors if you have the proper equipment.

Spikeball definitely requires certain skills, but it’s an entertaining game no matter what age you are. If you’re not sure what Spikeball is or why you might want to invest in a game set for your next picnic, barbecue, or party, we’re here to shine some light on this fun must-have activity.

What Is Spikeball?

Spikeball is often described as a cross between volleyball and four-square. You play it two on two with a round, trampoline-like net between players. The first team starts the game by serving the ball down onto the net, so it bounces up toward the opposing team. The opposition can hit the ball up to three times between its players. Their goal is to gain enough control over the ball to bounce it off the net and back to the other team. If they miss, the other team scores a point. Whichever team reaches 21 points first wins.

The fun thing about Spikeball is that there are no boundaries for the game. You must stand at least six feet from the net to start a point, but once the first team serves the ball, players can move anywhere to hit the ball. A point is scored—or possession changes—when the ball hits the net rim or the ground, or when it bounces more than once on the net surface.


What Equipment Do I Need For Spikeball?

When you’re looking for a Spikeball set, you want to make sure it has all the equipment you need to play a regulation game. A regulation set includes a 36-inch net that should have a slightly thicker rim and sturdy legs. For new players, it helps to look for a set with a larger net—measuring 45 inches, they’re often 50% bigger than pro nets. A larger net is suited for three-on-three games, too, so it’s preferable if you want to get even more friends in on the action.

A regulation Spikeball ball should have a 3.5-inch diameter. Rookie sets usually include a larger ball with a 6.5-inch diameter because it’s easier to serve. Some sets include two or more balls in case you misplace one, as well as a portable pump for inflating the balls. If you’re worried about misplacing any of your Spikeball set pieces, look for one that includes some type of carrying case or bag.

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Why Should I Play Spikeball?

Spikeball requires skill and agility, but if you’re just playing for fun, you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy yourself. It’s a great game for the whole family, so you can get the kids involved, too.

A Spikeball set is also highly portable; you can play it in your yard or easily bring it to the beach or a campsite. You can even play it in your basement if you have enough room. Best of all, if you aren’t feeling particularly competitive, you don’t have to keep score. Just have fun serving the ball to your friends and family and hitting it back.

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