SPY Guide: The Best Home Brew Kits Under $100

How To Make Beer At Home:
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* Crack open a cold one that you brewed yourself
* Try a wide variety of different beers
* Enjoy the art – and the science – of brewing beer at home

Rare is the day that can’t be improved by a good beer. That goes twice for beer that has been brewed in your own kitchen. That’s right; beer brewing isn’t just for big corporations with equally big horses. With a kit of the essentials, some patience, and some measuring skills, you too can brew your own beer at home.

We’re not talking about inferior beer that no one would want to drink, either. We’re talking tasty, foam-headed, can’t-wait-to-open-another-one beer. Intrigued? We were, so we did the research and gathered up five of the best home brew kits available for your consideration. Each of the products offers great value at under $100, not to mention great taste.

1. BrewDemon Signature Beer Brewing Kit

It might not actually be demonic, but it’s wicked good beer you’ll brew with this all-inclusive kit (all but the stockpot, that is). Featuring BrewDemon’s unique small-batch conical fermenter, you get the equipment and ingredients needed to brew up two delicious gallons of One Evil Pilsner.

Thanks to the malt extract included with the kit, you’ll be drinking your homemade beer in just a couple of weeks, which is twice as fast as most other kits. Once you finish off the pilsner, BrewDemon sells a wide variety of beer ingredient kits, so go ahead and try them all.

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2. Mr. Beer Diablo IPA Beer Making Kit

Okay, we have to say it: Mr. Beer does not make the absolute best beer, but it’s the most popular kit for homebrewing thanks to its tremendously easy process, its complete brewery-in-a-box supply of equipment, its reasonably tasty results, its low price, and its enormous range of ingredient refills.

Mr. Beer’s iconic plastic “barrel” fermenter is easy to clean, easy to use, and produces two gallons of more-than-satisfactory beer. This particular kit comes with the ingredients for a batch of Diablo IPA, a perennial favorite with plenty of hops bitterness, floral spice, and fruit aromas. Just the thing for a hot day.

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3. Craft A Brew Hard Cider Kit

If you are looking for a switch from barley-based beer and want to try something a bit fruitier, give hard cider a try. This isn’t your kids’ apple juice; hard cider is fermented apple cider with a similar alcohol content to regular beer.

With this kit from Craft a Brew, you get most of the equipment needed to produce one gallon of delicious hard cider. (You’ll need to supply your own brew pot and bottles.) And of course, you can then use the equipment to brew up more cider — or you can switch to one of the many regular beer-making ingredient kits available. Either way, you’re going to be loving those hot Saturday afternoons.

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4. Maestro Homebrew Equipment Kit

If you suspect you’re going to catch the homebrew fever and make a habit of crafting your own beer, you’ll want to get started with an equipment kit that includes most of what you’ll need. And that’s just what you’ll get with this kit from Home Brew Ohio.

You will need to add your own metal stockpot, but that’s about it, equipment-wise. Note that this kit does not include beer ingredients, but that shouldn’t be a problem; there are hundreds of ingredient kits available for just about any variety of beer you can think of.

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5. Craft A Brew Bone Dry Irish Stout

Looking to brew one gallon of dark and toasty ale? Check out this kit from Craft a Brew. You’ll get most of the equipment — you’ll need to add a metal stockpot and bottles — to brew delicious craft beer in your kitchen. The easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the entire process, which takes three weeks or so total; most of that time is spent waiting for the beer to ferment. Once you finish your delicious stout, go ahead and try a different ingredient kit — there are many to choose from.

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