The Latest Trendy Kitchen Appliance You Need: The Sansaire Sous Vide

Sansaire sous vide reviews
Image courtesy of Best Reviews
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* Find out why everyone is talking about their new sous vide
* Serve up six perfectly cooked steaks at a time
* Use your Sansaire to make the perfect soft-boiled egg

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’ve already got a microwave, toaster, slow cooker and blender. What else could I possibly need in my kitchen?” And, yes, for most recipes out there, you can get away with just a few appliances. But what about taking your cooking to the next level?

With a Sansaire Sous Vide, you can, even if you don’t understand what a sous vide is. We’re here to show you just how the Sansaire can take you from that boring pasta dinner (again) to a meal that rivals your favorite restaurant entree.

What Is a Sous Vide?

Imagine a slow cooker, elevated. Forget dumping all your ingredients in a pot and coming back to mushy meat and overcooked vegetables, and start thinking a warm water bath for your food. Perhaps not the most tantalizing image, but that’s how a sous vide works. You place your food into sealed plastic bags and then let them sit in water at a perfectly maintained temperature, thanks to your Sansaire. It also circulates the water, and voila – after a few hours, depending on the meal, your food will be cooked perfectly all the way through.

What Food Do You Cook in a Sous Vide?

The short answer: Everything. But in reality, the sous vide particularly shines when it cooks food that you want cooked through perfectly. Steak is the obvious choice, and many restaurants actually use sous vides to do the job. We used our test sous vide to make steak, mashed potatoes, salmon and asparagus. Each one came out delicious and tender, without being overcooked.

But the real charm of the sous vide is how easy it is to use. Just put your food in sealed bags, place them and the sous vide into a water container, set time and temp, then leave it. Imagine being able to host a dinner party for eight where you cook steaks without turning on your stove or oven once.

sansaire sous vide review Image courtesy of Best Reviews

Why the Sansaire?

Sous vides went through extensive testing in the BestReviews test kitchen. After churning out a steak and potato dinner, we made salmon and asparagus for something a little lighter. We were worried about the asparagus getting mushy, but instead it maintained the perfect combo of crunch and tenderness through the whole stalk.

The Sansaire in particular is well-known for its hyper-accurate temperature consistency. While a few tenths of a degree will have little effect on a steak, it can make a big difference for other ingredients. Specifically, the Sansaire maintains the perfect temp for soft-boiled eggs. Imagine how you can elevate salads, brunches, noodle bowls, with a perfectly soft egg. The best part? You can make as many as will fit in your water tub  – much more efficient than on the stove.

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